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I love using cutesy pens and books

The past couple of weeks have been crazy with no internet service in my area! I am so happy that we've been back up, and I've been catching up on all the things.

While I was offline, I did some journaling and reading. However, I did peruse the stores and found a couple of journals that kept me busy during downtimes, "Happy Journal" (Walmart) and "Virtual Assistant Daily To-Do Journal" by Romaine Brown Palmer (Amazon). Now, of course, I could grab a notebook and start writing stuff down, but I love planners and cutesy journals. These are some of my obsessions, and I love pretty pens!

Not having internet service off and on for a week was not easy because I missed my HBO/Max and Hulu. It made me take some time to rest and get some sun, so I didn't go too crazy.

How do you or would you manage without internet service? Especially when everything you do is online?

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