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So happy to meet you!

Hey there! I’m Deborah, and I am your Operations and Workflow Strategist.  

Talking about myself usually does not come easily to me.  People who do not know me personally find me to be a mystery.  However, let me bring you in on some points about me...

My business background covers over 20+ years in corporate businesses team and leadership skills as an operations manager.  My focus and responsibilities were to create simpler and streamlined processes to help business tasks be manageable.  This is the direction where my framework started because it is the most holistic way of managing workflows and processes.  In that time, I have partnered with other managers to develop team dynamics and an inclusive culture where team members can work within their expertise and feel supported. 


I am a Navy veteran and a mom of two adults that keeps me in stitches.  I am not on TikTok but my son is addicted and sends me all the crazy stuff he is scrolling through.  In my off time, I love to try new foods and libations that include red wine or vodka martinis!   I love good action movies and romantic comedies.  When I can I love to check out some outdoor concerts during the summer months.  I love a subtle warm breeze while enjoying some good music, which ranges from classical to rap.

I have come to this online space to help small business owners experience fewer errors and chaotic situations in their business projects.  This is with the help of developing better processes and systems to support those activities.  As a CEO, I know you want to spend more time with your client experiences, develop your team, and scale your business.  You will have struggles doing those things without structure to your operations.

This pulls at my heartstrings because I support doing meaningful work that is fun, and transparent because if it doesn't then what am I doing here?  We spend most of our lives making a living, let's make it more meaningful and in alignment with who we are.

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