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My Strategy Sessions were created to help you develop processes, manage your team, or launch projects in your business with ease.

Change the Narrative

From ineffective processes and bad client experiences to efficient processes and systems that move your business forward with happy clients.   

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How can my strategy session help your business?

Define systems and processes that require you to develop and challenge their function.


In the strategy sessions, we will challenge your processes to see if they are doing what they need to do.   

The ultimate goal is to fix what has slowed your productivity or efficiencies in your business workflows.

  • Ideal to schedule time to focus on your processes 

  • Create or improve back-office operations

  • Hire the right people for your team

  • Improve workflow automation

  • Develop a plan when launching projects

  • Streamline systems to reduce daily workload

  • Be a better and more focused CEO

Disclaimer:  The process only works if you are committed to change and have an open mind to try something new.  This may require you to delegate or change your mind about how tasks are completed.

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Is This for You?

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Are you this person?

  • Both online and brick-and-mortar businesses are welcome!
  • I help are consultants, coaches, and financial professionals.
  • Have established systems you've been using in your business.
  • Believe that systems are important to support your business activities.
  • Progressive and forward-minded.
  • Believes in a holistic system and not always cookie-cutting processes.
  • Passionate about having great client experiences.
  • Provides tools and procedures to help team members be successful in their roles.
  • Tech savvy, quick learners, or have a team member that helps with managing systems.


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Sometimes we need to talk things out to hear ourselves say them and have another person weigh in on the idea. 


This session will help you set your intentions and a roadmap for your business and projects.  You will get a written business document detailing any projects planned, workflow disruptions, completion timelines, and your personal CEO dashboard to navigate your quarter.  

Business Team

This service provides follow-up support for business owners who need someone to hold them accountable for the promises made to themselves and the business.  During this time we will review the planning process to see if you are on track.  At this time, we can revisit areas to revise, remove, or place on hold for a more appropriate time for implementation.

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How Does this Work...?

  • The process starts with you scheduling a clarity call to get more details about what needs to be done in your business.

  • When you schedule, you will be prompted to complete a questionnaire so that I can have a clearer view of your situation and review it before the clarity call.

  • During the clarity call, we will discuss your concerns and determine what we will work on the day we meet.  If it is determined that more time is needed then you have the option to schedule another session or opt for the recurring intensive.

  • On Meeting day, we'll cover the issues we discussed on the clarity call.  I will have an agenda for you before the session starts.  Mini-training sessions will be recorded and provided to you.

  • Once we are done with your sessions, I have an off-boarding process where you will be sent your recording if applicable.  I'd also love to get your input after the session to help me with future sessions. Please complete the survey as soon as you receive it.  

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